Artist | Actor | Musicians headshot in the professional studio 

- 45-60 minutes of shooting time in the studio 

- 1 outfit changes/looks

- Digital download of all your best photos.

- Light blemish retouching included for up to 5 images.

Price Included rental Professional Studio, Studio Light, Seamless.  


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An Actors portfolio is the business card, based on which the directors and casting agencies are going to get their first impression. This is why it is vitally important to have it done professionally, thus opening up all the facets of your talent for the observer to see. The defining characteristics of an actors portfolio is its individuality.

Michel Musto
Blue October
Max Conny
Leo Pellegrono
Lisa Smith
Radrigo & Gigi
Alexander Ivanov
Stephen Jesse Jackson
Radrigo & Gigi
Bo Park
Antonio Watts
Lisa Smith
Alexandra Kurilenko
Andrey Amarov
Barbara Panther
Zev Libin
Katya Lee
Althea Dance Company
Lisa Smith
Roman G.

The portfolio needs to have a clear focus on you, and avoid unnecessary details. Casting directors will need to see you in your most natural state, with all of the traits that you have, ranging from your smile to your wrinkles. It is recommended to have two types of portfolios: an Advertisement Portfolio, and a Theatrical Portfolio.


The Theatrical Portfolios reflect your character as a person, and the images tend to be on the more serious side. These photos are used for cinema and TV series castings.

The Advertisement Portfolio needs to represent you in the best light possible. These images need to be made in a more open and attractive style. Do not forget to smile, as your smile is usually a strong selling point in commercials, and the directors want to see it.

In order to make your portfolio more interesting, outlining your personal character, it is essential to capture your defining characteristics, such as your gestures, manners, poses, and the way you look. The photos in your Actors Portfolio need to speak for themselves, and give people a good understanding of you as a person.