Headshot price:

Business Headshot in the professional studio 

- 40-60 minutes of shooting time in the studio 

- 1 outfit changes/looks

- Digital download of all your best photos.

- Light blemish retouching included for up to 5 images.

Price Included: Rental Professional Studio, Studio light, Seamless.

Total: $400 


A business portrait visually conveys the characteristics of a personality. It is a powerful promotion instrument that can expand the brand recognition. It can be used to attract new customers through advertisement, and is an absolute staple of a successful business owner.

When do you need an office photoshoot?


An office photoshoot is first and foremost tool that is used in the creation of the business image of a person or company. It will highlight the status of a businessman, or can be used to promote you to potential employers during a period of job search.


This, however, are to the only applications of the business portrait. It becomes part of your personal brand . It can be used as your profile picture in social media, making new clients familiar with you in a more personal way. It can also be used in messenger applications to create a well composed image for your partners or clients. 



Types of Business Portrait:

A studio shoot on a monochromatic background. The main benefit of this is that the focus is on the person, rather than the entourage or surroundings. This is a photoshoot in a strict but elegant style.

Interior shoot. This does not always have to be done in the office, ‘real-life’ photos can be taken in a restaurant, or a hotel. Location choice depends on the aims of the client, and where they are intended to be published. Usually, interior shoots are carried out in the clients workspace. This is necessary to convey the company atmosphere, and the personal traits of the client. It is important to understand that a high quality business photoshoot is not simply a number of photos made at your workplace. The shoot needs to build a composition and a story that would present the company in best light possible, telling clients about financial success of the business and the strong and determined character of the owner.



Technical details of a Business Portrait:


At first glance it may seem that the process of a business shoot in an interior is very simple, however this judgement is very wrong. The process requires a lot of skills and craftsmanship from the photographer, as his task is to highlight the strengths of the client, while conveying his character and typical behaviour.